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Elevating nutraceutical products to new levels through expert connections & exchange

At nutralis, we believe that the key to better nutraceutical products lies in facilitating exchanges between experts from the field, who have a wealth of experience, and manufacturers, for whom these insights are very valuable.

Personalize Your Experience 

Our platform is made for healthcare practitioners dealing with nutraceuticals and for producers of nutraceuticals. Tell us who you are so we can direct you to the information that is relevant to you.


Building valuable connections

nutralis was created based on the idea that exchanges between experts in product application and those in product development would lead to the greater good of all. 

We are dedicated to driving the development of nutraceuticals based on real-world experience and feedback, by bringing together the experts who have the knowledge and the ability to make this a reality.


How it works


our rich database of healthcare practitioner and producer profiles with all the key information.


the most suitable contacts for your specialised category or product development project.


with selected contacts and engage in valuable conversations directly through our platform.

Your benefits at a glance

Expert Driven Feedback

Improve existing products with expert driven feedback on product performance and consumer insights.

Regional Access Support

End-to-end support with regional knowledge that enables and ensures access to UAE/GCC market.

Consumer Trend Insights

Gaining understanding of needs and trends in the market to develop market relevant products.


Elevate your products to new levels with the help of expert insights

As a nutraceutical producer, you aim at producing best-in-class products which consumers love and adhere to. But how do you find out what consumers really think and feel?

To bridge that gap we connect you to healthcare practitioners, who work closely with end consumers and have a wealth of knowledge about the performance of the nutraceutical products you manufacture. 



Your expertise is the key to better nutraceutical products —
It’s time to share it!

As a practitioner, you have daily interactions with consumers, recommend products for different conditions and receive their feedback.

At nutralis, we believe this expertise is invaluable to producers.


Your advantages with nutralis

Bring your feedback to life

Contribute your observations and expert feedback on product performance to help improve existing products and implement your suggestions in new products.

Optimize your product recommendations

Be at the forefront of innovative products through direct contact with producers and get the information you need to make informed product recommendations to clients.


What the experts say about nutralis

"Customers experiment with nutraceutical products, resulting in low product and brand loyalty. We need to know what drives them to improve low level of product adherence"

Rita Watkins

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